Monday, 9 August 2010


Having recently listened to The Burlesque Podcast's interview with Jo Weldon, I brought her book! It really is brilliant, she uses a lot of her handbook for her School of Burlesque and there are some really nifty tips in there (including patterns and a how-to guide for making novelty-shaped pasties). It's a really nicely designed bit of work too, and only £6.99 (I think) from Amazon which is a real bargain.

One more for the bookcase, when I've finished reading it :)

xxx x

Thursday, 29 July 2010

it's alive!

work hair

I am still here, and i am still very much a vintage gal... but I have three jobs at the minute so... busy bee busy bee!

I've got a few weeks off from one of my jobs though so I'll be posting a little more from now on!

xxxxx x

Friday, 28 May 2010

20s makeup-ish

So I had a bash at some twenties makeup loosely based on Lorena's Makeup in an episode of True Blood. It's not amazing but I thought I'd post it step-by-step.

20s tutorial 01

Start off with a pale face! I use Lush's Colour Supplement in 'Light Pink' mixed with a moisturiser and Dainty Doll concealer (not sure you can get that any more!) with a dust of Too Faced's translucent pressed powder as a base. Prime your eyes with something like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

20s tutorial 02

This is a really cheap makeup palette that I've probably had for too long - I recently dropped it and destroyed some of my favourite colours... for the next step I used these light and dark pinks.

20s tutorial 03

Use the lighter pink on the top of the eye over the browbone, and the darker pink in the crease of your eye. I also used some along the bottom lid to give me a bit of a sickly appearance.

20s tutorial 04

Line the top and bottom of your eyes with a black cream or liquid liner - I use a really fine paintbrush to do this with Clinique's Brush on Cream Liner.

20s tutorial 05

Whilst the liner is still wet, use a thicker brush to smudge it over the lid, and under the eye for a smokey look. You need to go for quite a rounded shape.

20s tutorial 06

Re-Line the eyes.

20s tutorial 07

20s eyebrows extend quite far past the natural browline, these are a little thinner than my usual forties/fifties look. I use a wet, angled brush with a dark shadow to paint mine in.

20s tutorial 08

All I did was add blush and a rosey-coloured Avon lipstick - I prefer a dark colour with this look really but it makes me look all mouth...

Ta da!

massive poser


all glamour (face mask)

all glamour (face mask)
Originally uploaded by Joanie Rose
Joanie Rose is all glamour, all the time. Ignore the drying washing and exercise bike in the background, concentrate on the leopard coat and countless books in the background (the top shelf, appropriately is the much-famed "pervert's corner" full of books about naked birds and burlesque)


Thursday, 20 May 2010

It's All Make Believe, Isn't It? x

Stefanie Valentine is having a g o r g e o u s giveaway on her blog, with some lovely-looking goodies to win :) you can check out the prizes, and how to enter right here, it's definitely worth checking out!

Good luck ladies!


Monday, 10 May 2010

pin pot pin pot

pin pot

I had a lovely trip into Birmingham (England - of course!) the other week, during my holiday of work (the joys of working in a college) and met up with my friend Zoe, who did very little to dissuade me from buying this cute pin pot from Kath Kidston in Selfridges.

I've been doing a lot of sewing lately, and popping pins into this beauty feels a little more vintage than my old, plastic thing that I bought at uni - rubbish! My mom has a really cute one actually that I think she's had since the seventies, I'll try to dig it out to show you at some point!


Sunday, 2 May 2010

ick ick ick x

Again! Sorry for the lack of updates daddy-os, I've been horribly ill - very not happy!
Hopefully when I'm better and have the photos off various people's cameras you can have photos of my sailor party, and our outfits for Enchanted Burlesque (formerly the Silk Stocking) which we went to last Saturday - my friend Sam fell in love with the gorgeous Kitten Von Mew a little bit, poor lad.

There's not much left to report to be quite honest! I've been stitching away this afternoon, (sequins to knickers) but I've had to stop - I can't stop coughing long enough to pick up a sequin at the minute. Anyone got any remedies I can try?


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Well Hello Sailor! x

hello sailor

It was my birthday this wednesday (photos of yummy presents to come!) so yesterday we went out, dressed as sailors of course! Hopefully I'll post some pictures of everyone else's outfits, but they're still on cameras and what have you so there aren't any yet - The Dapper Man, my lovely boyfriend for instance dressed up as Captain Haddock complete with mascara'd beard, and embroidered anchor courtesy of yours truly. My own costume was a creation made by my mother from this pattern from Wearing History which was brilliant!

This morning I've been to the (opening?) of a new vintage shop in Stourbridge, and bought a lovely £4 jumper, I need to find some proper high-waisted trousers to wear it with as it is a tad short... and The Dapper Man bought a hideous tie and a pair of braces which I love! I'll have to post a picture of him at some point!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

lazy hair

I have been playing with photoshop too much on an image that is far too small a resolution - ah well!

WHOA photoshop xx

I said I'd post a picture of my hair after I'd dyed it, so here it is! But I need to post one really when I've washed it - which I'm putting off because I really want this colour to stay in. Basically I've been trying to get back to brown, because I can't find a red that stays in and I'm really, really lazy. This colour pretty much matches my own, which is a bit unusual and a colour I haven't seen in years as I started to dye my hair when I started uni which was... a while ago! Naturally I'm a really dark brown, but it's a got a yellow tone to it rather than a red one so it appears lighter than it really is.

I've touched up my roots as well from my blonde streak which was a lot harder than I thought - I did try to put in a blonde streak in the side of my hair but it didn't take over the red dye for some reason... ah well! I'm not too bothered, as long as my roots are fine it's all good!

I have a pin up shoot scheduled for tomorrow - my second one ever... in the woods... eek!

xxx x

Friday, 2 April 2010


too much photoshop x

What's occurring? Sorry for the lack of updates, there's been a lot of stuff going on lately that's taken up my time and I've not really had the energy to pose for photos. Hopefully be posting a bit more these two weeks, I've got time off for easter!

I don't usually have my fringe forwards, it's usually in a bit of a quiff... definitely needs dying though, my cowlick has major roots and I'd like to add another streak of blonde in the side - I miss my hairdresser! But he moved away, we're going to Enchanted Burlesque together in April though, much looking forward to that!


Wednesday, 10 March 2010


In a bid to re-organise my wardrobe I'm letting a few things go - on ebay! I listed these shoes today, which are brand new - I'm really sorry to see them go, but I just haven't the room! I bought them initially as part of a pin-up nurse outfit which never materialised... cute idea though.



The listing is here if you're interested at all! I'll be putting some vintage dresses and vintage-style items up soon too, once I've got the photos all sorted.


Sunday, 28 February 2010

outfit post - H&M gingham dress xx

Unfortunately the only nice photo of this outfit is a picture of me being a bit silly:



That piece of glitter in my eyebrow was just... there. All evening. I couldn't shift it! It was driving me mad!
In other news: there are no good locations in my house to take nice photos - how has this happened? The lighting is also horrible.


What's your favorite drink?

I do like a little bit of Sailor Jerry - yum yum! x

ask me lots of things x

Friday, 26 February 2010

They're Probably Just as Frightened of Us as We Are of Them

I am rather fond of all types of fashion - as an illustrator and character designer, different subcultures make me go wild. The way that different groups of people choose to present themselves to the world absolutely fascinates me and in a way it's inherently tribal. When I was a lass, and a bit of a fashion rebel (the very act of rebelliousness that is wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved one was enough to set tongues a-wagging when I was at school) I used the way that I dressed to show that I thought differently from the 'in' crowd in my class, I used clothing and makeup to attract like-minded people. Even if they weren't covered with band logos, "my" crowd's (arguably questionable - super-flared jeans, anyone?) dress sense indicated what music they liked, what movies they were into, and in fact their general attitude towards society.

Similarly, that 'in' crowd had a style that I just didn't understand, and definitely had a lot to say about at the time (short skirts, logo t-shirts and brand name sportswear - what?) but have... kind of come to like in a way. For instance, a few years ago it was quite popular for that lot to wear skinny jeans or leggings with ugg-type (it was pre-ugg really) boots and hugely over-inflated puffa jackets, often with a fur collar. The silhouette was one that was really quite impressive, it was dominant, aggressive and animalistic and they had the attitude to match. Even with the mistake that is orange foundation and peroxide-blonde hair, I found similarities to our British ancestors after reading that the celts would tan their skin and bleach their locks. That whole fashion-culture, although not to my particular taste, has gained my respect in the same sort of bracket as goth, and punk. i.e. "Not my sort of thing, very nice though."

Lately I've noticed quite a lot of snobbery online in vintage circles - a general disdain for 'modern' fashion, or even just normal every-day dress, and at times, a mockery of it. This dislike of jeans, and sportswear as daywear, of miles of flesh on show is understandable, It's just not our cup of tea! But when we get treated differently, or are ridiculed by the 'norms' of society, we are up in arms about it. Should anybody comment negatively on our styles and tastes it stings - this is how we've chosen to present ourselves to the world, and if someone is rude about it then it feels as though your entire personality, your personal likes and dislikes are being rubbished and put down.

So why do we do the very same to them?

Live and let live you lunatics!


Saturday, 13 February 2010


Originally uploaded by Joanie Rose
My tattoo! All done, although it looks kind of... Photoshopped on. Weird.

I'm off to the pub so I'm opting for a more casual sixties-type look with dark eyes and pale lips (and a cute silk scarf worn as a headband!). I've bought some (more) false eyelashes after I lost the last brand new set... very annoyed about that. These are the Cheryl Cole ones that I think are made by Eyelure - I've worn the Nicola Roberts ones before and loved them, but these are more of an exaggerated look, very thick and fluttery.

More about my new job soon, and some rants and raves about beauty products too! x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

internet fail

I've not posted as much as I'd have liked to lately - my internet is down as well as my phoneline so I'm sitting at the boyfriend's at the moment being rather decadent and eating chocolates from a selection box (he ate my last toffee one! A travesty!)

Two new things that I'll post more about a.s.a.p!

Numero uno:

I got that job! I went to the interview yesterday, and I was really afraid that I'd fluffed it, but they phoned me later in the afternoon and offered it to me. I'm so pleased! I start March 1st and I'm really excited about it. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

Nombre deux:

I got my tattoo, I'll post pictures as soon as I can, I really love it. It's a bit scabby at the moment, and I've been reading a number of different things about the aftercare... so I'm a bit confused about it at the moment, if anyone has any advice then please comment, or email me - thanks!

I'll post as soon as my phoneline's working then, goodnight y'all!


Monday, 8 February 2010

seven deadly sins xx

I just stumbled across this - it's a short film my friend Klee Jane made last year at uni when I was still blonde(!), I'm top left, in the moody blues - I was 'Lust' although I think that might have just been because I already had the wardrobe. Not really sure what I'm doing in half of those shots... but it was a lot of fun to shoot :)

There are photos, too!




Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Little Update xx

Only a quick one today!

Just wanted to mention that I have a job interview lined up for next Wednesday! I'm one more step towards achieving one of my resolutions - quit my horrible job. Very excited about that one! It's with my friend's dad as well, which everyone says is great but worries me somewhat... I think I'll feel like a bit more of a cock-up in front of someone I know.

In other news, I'm flatsitting at the moment for my dapper boyfriend Jack's boss - we're looking after her two massive dogs (a lurcher and a whippet, Ellie and Freddie) and her two Lovebirds Elton and Dave. It's great fun, although the flat used to be a stable for the Georgian house (now a hotel) next door, and it's a bit creepy, cold and haunted-feeling. It's nice to have an en-suite restaurant though xx

Sunday, 31 January 2010

old days

old days
Originally uploaded by Joanie Rose
I found an old picture of me from when I first had a bash at the vintage look - I think that shirt is one I bought from H&M which is a disgusting mustard satiny-sort-of-thing. I love it!

Something I like about this picture is that I've not gone for all-out vintage - the multiple piercings for instance, this is definitely something I need to do more now! I love people who do an exact re-creation of the look but for me I think I need that juxtaposition of old and new to keep my look fresh.

I miss my long hair!

I messed around with this in photoshop for giggles. xx x

Saturday, 30 January 2010


I've been on a bit of a spending spree unfortunately (well, fortunately, because look at all of this yummy stuff I got!)


The Anchor earrings are from TOPSHOP but I can't see them on the website at the moment... my sister is meant to be organising a Sailor-Themed birthday party for my birthday, I'm thinking ahead, see?

hair flower

I bought this today, I have a few hair flowers... some that I've made, some that I've bought. This is pretty neat, it doubles up as a brooch/corsage thing. I usually buy reds and pinks but I've gone for a slightly more subtle grey, loving that quite a lot. It was something like £3.99 from H&M.

The rest are all books, I am a massive reader, and I'm really excited about burlesque at the moment so I've been a massive geek, been reading essays and doing all the research... I have a huge amount of books on pin-ups, vintage nudes, burlesque - my sister calls my shelf on the bookcase "pervert's corner".


Immodesty Blaize's book "tease"">Tease is well worth reading if you want something light and fun, full of glitz, glamour, scandal and murder. The lady herself is absolutely gorgeous as well.

front cover

inside the book

I just had to buy this, you can get it here for... about £10 cheaper than I paid at Waterstones, which is disappointing... (I love going to the bookshop to buy books, it's so much more human than going online, but not economically sound...) it is gorgeous though. No words, just three beautifully-shot flipbooks.

more burlesque goodies

Another burly book, about the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, full of photos. Absolutely beautiful book. Words, too! And backstage shots which I always think are really interesting!

make do and mend

My last 'goodie' is a bit less extravagant. It only cost me £1.99 from The Works, but it's an amazing book. It has re-printed pamphlets from WWII about how to run your household with the effects of clothes rationing and fabric rations. It has loads of really good tips, and I now know how to darn!

I'll post again soon, lots of new exciting things going on! Not least that on thursday I went to see a man about a tattoo!


Monday, 25 January 2010

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

like... a nurse, or a vet or something. Then I wanted to be an actress, I was in this drama group for a while.

I still want to be a singer, or a burlesque star. I currently draw pictures and sell pies though xx

ask me lots of things x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What's your dream car?

a Sunbeam Alpine, look them up they are well epic xx x

Ask me anything

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

moody rosie xx

I look so moody here! It was the best of a bad lot of pictures, trust me!
I blitzed my hair with Sea Salt Hairspray dried it all forwards and then backcombed it into what I think is a pretty impressive quiff for someone with such fine hair! Then it's just tied into a quick bandana, and I'm off to the shops to buy some stamps, so I can get on my way to quitting my horrible job! I'm applying for a job as an Art Technician at a local college, so here's hoping!

My shirt was from New Look a while back, the cardi is everybody's favourite Primark and the pearls I think were from Miss Selfridge's sale for like... 50p when I was back at college. Ah youth, I remember those days!

xx x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

TOPSHOP dress xx x

My dress turned up! And it's SO cute, I just had to wear it out last night. A couple of issues with it... the back is cut down in a 'v' shape, so it slips off my shoulders a bit - would I totally wreck the fabric if I taped it in place?

The other thing is, I was really worried about people spilling drinks over it because I love it so much! I had a good night out though with my fella The Dapper Man - he wore his suit and a waistcoat and tie, and there was a lot of Brylcreem going on with that look! We danced to Candyman - Christina Aguilera together and a few people reckoned we looked as if we should be in the video which is pretty darned sweet.

I think the dress is sold out now, I've never seen it in store... you can get my fantastic Union Flag bag (that The Dapper Man can't abide) at Accessorize though. It has a hidden strap, so you don't have to use it as a clutch if you don't want to!

xxx x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

TOPSHOP dress x

I didn't manage to do my photos for my post about hats yet, so... I made this polyvore set - I've ordered this dress from TOPSHOP, and I've not seen it yet, but I'm thinking it's going to do wonders for my vintage stylings. I'll post pics when it arrives!

xx x

Monday, 11 January 2010

rag curls x

I didn't have much time this morning before work, so I wound my hair into little rag curls... I only left them in for an hour, but I think they turned out okay! Not exactly vintage accurate, a little frizzy... and what is going on with my fringe? But hey-ho! It's a learning curve!

I'm pretty pleased with my experiments in bright pink lipstick, too.

Tomorrow I'm going to post about hats, very exciting! (yes it is)

xx x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I told you it was a disaster...

After having red hair for some time now, I asked my stylist to make it a bit more well... ginger, which is a colour that I absolutely love. Think Lily Cole or Alice Burdeu, much yum! So we lifted out my colour, and applied a new one that turned out like...


But thankfully he fixed it this morning, so I can go to work more like this (without the pincurl clips though!)

I'm gonna start getting someone else to take my photos for me with my yummy camera, rather than the imac's built-in one which is a bit... ick, especially with the lighting in here.

More soon!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

hello, hello, hello!

Hello all! Happy new year!

I'm Joanie Rose and this year I actually plan to carry out one of my new year's resolutions, hence the blog... I figure if I have somewhere to keep track of my progress and update, then I'm a bit more likely to stick to my resolution!

From January 1st (I'm well aware that it's January 6th) I want to make more of an effort into putting some sort of vintage sparkle into my life whether that's watching an old movie, dressing more 'vintage' or doing my hair and makeup - I will do it!

I used to dress up all the time, I'd curl my hair and you'd never see me without heels and seamed stockings... then it got cold last winter and I was forced into jeans and layers upon layers... and I just sort of... stopped doing it. I think what's spurred me on is my gentleman friend really, who used to be a bit of a scruffy beggar! But in the past few weeks he's started watching Mad Men and started to dress really well, always in proper trousers, shirts, waistcoats and ties... and I think I got jealous.

So here we go, the before(ish) and after picture:

It's not the best I've ever worn my hair... but I'm working on it!

Here are some of my other resolutions if you're interested;

This new year, Joanie will (in theory!)

- quit her horrible job
- find more work in the field she was trained in
- eat nicer foods
- start speaking more nicely (difficult at my job!)

So I'll update you on how I'm doing tomorrow with an... unfortunate hair-related incident.

Take care! x