Thursday, 8 April 2010

lazy hair

I have been playing with photoshop too much on an image that is far too small a resolution - ah well!

WHOA photoshop xx

I said I'd post a picture of my hair after I'd dyed it, so here it is! But I need to post one really when I've washed it - which I'm putting off because I really want this colour to stay in. Basically I've been trying to get back to brown, because I can't find a red that stays in and I'm really, really lazy. This colour pretty much matches my own, which is a bit unusual and a colour I haven't seen in years as I started to dye my hair when I started uni which was... a while ago! Naturally I'm a really dark brown, but it's a got a yellow tone to it rather than a red one so it appears lighter than it really is.

I've touched up my roots as well from my blonde streak which was a lot harder than I thought - I did try to put in a blonde streak in the side of my hair but it didn't take over the red dye for some reason... ah well! I'm not too bothered, as long as my roots are fine it's all good!

I have a pin up shoot scheduled for tomorrow - my second one ever... in the woods... eek!

xxx x

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