Sunday, 28 February 2010

outfit post - H&M gingham dress xx

Unfortunately the only nice photo of this outfit is a picture of me being a bit silly:



That piece of glitter in my eyebrow was just... there. All evening. I couldn't shift it! It was driving me mad!
In other news: there are no good locations in my house to take nice photos - how has this happened? The lighting is also horrible.


What's your favorite drink?

I do like a little bit of Sailor Jerry - yum yum! x

ask me lots of things x

Friday, 26 February 2010

They're Probably Just as Frightened of Us as We Are of Them

I am rather fond of all types of fashion - as an illustrator and character designer, different subcultures make me go wild. The way that different groups of people choose to present themselves to the world absolutely fascinates me and in a way it's inherently tribal. When I was a lass, and a bit of a fashion rebel (the very act of rebelliousness that is wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved one was enough to set tongues a-wagging when I was at school) I used the way that I dressed to show that I thought differently from the 'in' crowd in my class, I used clothing and makeup to attract like-minded people. Even if they weren't covered with band logos, "my" crowd's (arguably questionable - super-flared jeans, anyone?) dress sense indicated what music they liked, what movies they were into, and in fact their general attitude towards society.

Similarly, that 'in' crowd had a style that I just didn't understand, and definitely had a lot to say about at the time (short skirts, logo t-shirts and brand name sportswear - what?) but have... kind of come to like in a way. For instance, a few years ago it was quite popular for that lot to wear skinny jeans or leggings with ugg-type (it was pre-ugg really) boots and hugely over-inflated puffa jackets, often with a fur collar. The silhouette was one that was really quite impressive, it was dominant, aggressive and animalistic and they had the attitude to match. Even with the mistake that is orange foundation and peroxide-blonde hair, I found similarities to our British ancestors after reading that the celts would tan their skin and bleach their locks. That whole fashion-culture, although not to my particular taste, has gained my respect in the same sort of bracket as goth, and punk. i.e. "Not my sort of thing, very nice though."

Lately I've noticed quite a lot of snobbery online in vintage circles - a general disdain for 'modern' fashion, or even just normal every-day dress, and at times, a mockery of it. This dislike of jeans, and sportswear as daywear, of miles of flesh on show is understandable, It's just not our cup of tea! But when we get treated differently, or are ridiculed by the 'norms' of society, we are up in arms about it. Should anybody comment negatively on our styles and tastes it stings - this is how we've chosen to present ourselves to the world, and if someone is rude about it then it feels as though your entire personality, your personal likes and dislikes are being rubbished and put down.

So why do we do the very same to them?

Live and let live you lunatics!


Saturday, 13 February 2010


Originally uploaded by Joanie Rose
My tattoo! All done, although it looks kind of... Photoshopped on. Weird.

I'm off to the pub so I'm opting for a more casual sixties-type look with dark eyes and pale lips (and a cute silk scarf worn as a headband!). I've bought some (more) false eyelashes after I lost the last brand new set... very annoyed about that. These are the Cheryl Cole ones that I think are made by Eyelure - I've worn the Nicola Roberts ones before and loved them, but these are more of an exaggerated look, very thick and fluttery.

More about my new job soon, and some rants and raves about beauty products too! x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

internet fail

I've not posted as much as I'd have liked to lately - my internet is down as well as my phoneline so I'm sitting at the boyfriend's at the moment being rather decadent and eating chocolates from a selection box (he ate my last toffee one! A travesty!)

Two new things that I'll post more about a.s.a.p!

Numero uno:

I got that job! I went to the interview yesterday, and I was really afraid that I'd fluffed it, but they phoned me later in the afternoon and offered it to me. I'm so pleased! I start March 1st and I'm really excited about it. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

Nombre deux:

I got my tattoo, I'll post pictures as soon as I can, I really love it. It's a bit scabby at the moment, and I've been reading a number of different things about the aftercare... so I'm a bit confused about it at the moment, if anyone has any advice then please comment, or email me - thanks!

I'll post as soon as my phoneline's working then, goodnight y'all!


Monday, 8 February 2010

seven deadly sins xx

I just stumbled across this - it's a short film my friend Klee Jane made last year at uni when I was still blonde(!), I'm top left, in the moody blues - I was 'Lust' although I think that might have just been because I already had the wardrobe. Not really sure what I'm doing in half of those shots... but it was a lot of fun to shoot :)

There are photos, too!




Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Little Update xx

Only a quick one today!

Just wanted to mention that I have a job interview lined up for next Wednesday! I'm one more step towards achieving one of my resolutions - quit my horrible job. Very excited about that one! It's with my friend's dad as well, which everyone says is great but worries me somewhat... I think I'll feel like a bit more of a cock-up in front of someone I know.

In other news, I'm flatsitting at the moment for my dapper boyfriend Jack's boss - we're looking after her two massive dogs (a lurcher and a whippet, Ellie and Freddie) and her two Lovebirds Elton and Dave. It's great fun, although the flat used to be a stable for the Georgian house (now a hotel) next door, and it's a bit creepy, cold and haunted-feeling. It's nice to have an en-suite restaurant though xx