Sunday, 31 January 2010

old days

old days
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I found an old picture of me from when I first had a bash at the vintage look - I think that shirt is one I bought from H&M which is a disgusting mustard satiny-sort-of-thing. I love it!

Something I like about this picture is that I've not gone for all-out vintage - the multiple piercings for instance, this is definitely something I need to do more now! I love people who do an exact re-creation of the look but for me I think I need that juxtaposition of old and new to keep my look fresh.

I miss my long hair!

I messed around with this in photoshop for giggles. xx x

Saturday, 30 January 2010


I've been on a bit of a spending spree unfortunately (well, fortunately, because look at all of this yummy stuff I got!)


The Anchor earrings are from TOPSHOP but I can't see them on the website at the moment... my sister is meant to be organising a Sailor-Themed birthday party for my birthday, I'm thinking ahead, see?

hair flower

I bought this today, I have a few hair flowers... some that I've made, some that I've bought. This is pretty neat, it doubles up as a brooch/corsage thing. I usually buy reds and pinks but I've gone for a slightly more subtle grey, loving that quite a lot. It was something like £3.99 from H&M.

The rest are all books, I am a massive reader, and I'm really excited about burlesque at the moment so I've been a massive geek, been reading essays and doing all the research... I have a huge amount of books on pin-ups, vintage nudes, burlesque - my sister calls my shelf on the bookcase "pervert's corner".


Immodesty Blaize's book "tease"">Tease is well worth reading if you want something light and fun, full of glitz, glamour, scandal and murder. The lady herself is absolutely gorgeous as well.

front cover

inside the book

I just had to buy this, you can get it here for... about £10 cheaper than I paid at Waterstones, which is disappointing... (I love going to the bookshop to buy books, it's so much more human than going online, but not economically sound...) it is gorgeous though. No words, just three beautifully-shot flipbooks.

more burlesque goodies

Another burly book, about the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, full of photos. Absolutely beautiful book. Words, too! And backstage shots which I always think are really interesting!

make do and mend

My last 'goodie' is a bit less extravagant. It only cost me £1.99 from The Works, but it's an amazing book. It has re-printed pamphlets from WWII about how to run your household with the effects of clothes rationing and fabric rations. It has loads of really good tips, and I now know how to darn!

I'll post again soon, lots of new exciting things going on! Not least that on thursday I went to see a man about a tattoo!


Monday, 25 January 2010

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

like... a nurse, or a vet or something. Then I wanted to be an actress, I was in this drama group for a while.

I still want to be a singer, or a burlesque star. I currently draw pictures and sell pies though xx

ask me lots of things x

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

What's your dream car?

a Sunbeam Alpine, look them up they are well epic xx x

Ask me anything

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

moody rosie xx

I look so moody here! It was the best of a bad lot of pictures, trust me!
I blitzed my hair with Sea Salt Hairspray dried it all forwards and then backcombed it into what I think is a pretty impressive quiff for someone with such fine hair! Then it's just tied into a quick bandana, and I'm off to the shops to buy some stamps, so I can get on my way to quitting my horrible job! I'm applying for a job as an Art Technician at a local college, so here's hoping!

My shirt was from New Look a while back, the cardi is everybody's favourite Primark and the pearls I think were from Miss Selfridge's sale for like... 50p when I was back at college. Ah youth, I remember those days!

xx x

Saturday, 16 January 2010

TOPSHOP dress xx x

My dress turned up! And it's SO cute, I just had to wear it out last night. A couple of issues with it... the back is cut down in a 'v' shape, so it slips off my shoulders a bit - would I totally wreck the fabric if I taped it in place?

The other thing is, I was really worried about people spilling drinks over it because I love it so much! I had a good night out though with my fella The Dapper Man - he wore his suit and a waistcoat and tie, and there was a lot of Brylcreem going on with that look! We danced to Candyman - Christina Aguilera together and a few people reckoned we looked as if we should be in the video which is pretty darned sweet.

I think the dress is sold out now, I've never seen it in store... you can get my fantastic Union Flag bag (that The Dapper Man can't abide) at Accessorize though. It has a hidden strap, so you don't have to use it as a clutch if you don't want to!

xxx x

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

TOPSHOP dress x

I didn't manage to do my photos for my post about hats yet, so... I made this polyvore set - I've ordered this dress from TOPSHOP, and I've not seen it yet, but I'm thinking it's going to do wonders for my vintage stylings. I'll post pics when it arrives!

xx x

Monday, 11 January 2010

rag curls x

I didn't have much time this morning before work, so I wound my hair into little rag curls... I only left them in for an hour, but I think they turned out okay! Not exactly vintage accurate, a little frizzy... and what is going on with my fringe? But hey-ho! It's a learning curve!

I'm pretty pleased with my experiments in bright pink lipstick, too.

Tomorrow I'm going to post about hats, very exciting! (yes it is)

xx x

Thursday, 7 January 2010

I told you it was a disaster...

After having red hair for some time now, I asked my stylist to make it a bit more well... ginger, which is a colour that I absolutely love. Think Lily Cole or Alice Burdeu, much yum! So we lifted out my colour, and applied a new one that turned out like...


But thankfully he fixed it this morning, so I can go to work more like this (without the pincurl clips though!)

I'm gonna start getting someone else to take my photos for me with my yummy camera, rather than the imac's built-in one which is a bit... ick, especially with the lighting in here.

More soon!


Wednesday, 6 January 2010

hello, hello, hello!

Hello all! Happy new year!

I'm Joanie Rose and this year I actually plan to carry out one of my new year's resolutions, hence the blog... I figure if I have somewhere to keep track of my progress and update, then I'm a bit more likely to stick to my resolution!

From January 1st (I'm well aware that it's January 6th) I want to make more of an effort into putting some sort of vintage sparkle into my life whether that's watching an old movie, dressing more 'vintage' or doing my hair and makeup - I will do it!

I used to dress up all the time, I'd curl my hair and you'd never see me without heels and seamed stockings... then it got cold last winter and I was forced into jeans and layers upon layers... and I just sort of... stopped doing it. I think what's spurred me on is my gentleman friend really, who used to be a bit of a scruffy beggar! But in the past few weeks he's started watching Mad Men and started to dress really well, always in proper trousers, shirts, waistcoats and ties... and I think I got jealous.

So here we go, the before(ish) and after picture:

It's not the best I've ever worn my hair... but I'm working on it!

Here are some of my other resolutions if you're interested;

This new year, Joanie will (in theory!)

- quit her horrible job
- find more work in the field she was trained in
- eat nicer foods
- start speaking more nicely (difficult at my job!)

So I'll update you on how I'm doing tomorrow with an... unfortunate hair-related incident.

Take care! x