Saturday, 30 January 2010


I've been on a bit of a spending spree unfortunately (well, fortunately, because look at all of this yummy stuff I got!)


The Anchor earrings are from TOPSHOP but I can't see them on the website at the moment... my sister is meant to be organising a Sailor-Themed birthday party for my birthday, I'm thinking ahead, see?

hair flower

I bought this today, I have a few hair flowers... some that I've made, some that I've bought. This is pretty neat, it doubles up as a brooch/corsage thing. I usually buy reds and pinks but I've gone for a slightly more subtle grey, loving that quite a lot. It was something like £3.99 from H&M.

The rest are all books, I am a massive reader, and I'm really excited about burlesque at the moment so I've been a massive geek, been reading essays and doing all the research... I have a huge amount of books on pin-ups, vintage nudes, burlesque - my sister calls my shelf on the bookcase "pervert's corner".


Immodesty Blaize's book "tease"">Tease is well worth reading if you want something light and fun, full of glitz, glamour, scandal and murder. The lady herself is absolutely gorgeous as well.

front cover

inside the book

I just had to buy this, you can get it here for... about £10 cheaper than I paid at Waterstones, which is disappointing... (I love going to the bookshop to buy books, it's so much more human than going online, but not economically sound...) it is gorgeous though. No words, just three beautifully-shot flipbooks.

more burlesque goodies

Another burly book, about the Velvet Hammer Burlesque, full of photos. Absolutely beautiful book. Words, too! And backstage shots which I always think are really interesting!

make do and mend

My last 'goodie' is a bit less extravagant. It only cost me £1.99 from The Works, but it's an amazing book. It has re-printed pamphlets from WWII about how to run your household with the effects of clothes rationing and fabric rations. It has loads of really good tips, and I now know how to darn!

I'll post again soon, lots of new exciting things going on! Not least that on thursday I went to see a man about a tattoo!


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