Wednesday, 6 January 2010

hello, hello, hello!

Hello all! Happy new year!

I'm Joanie Rose and this year I actually plan to carry out one of my new year's resolutions, hence the blog... I figure if I have somewhere to keep track of my progress and update, then I'm a bit more likely to stick to my resolution!

From January 1st (I'm well aware that it's January 6th) I want to make more of an effort into putting some sort of vintage sparkle into my life whether that's watching an old movie, dressing more 'vintage' or doing my hair and makeup - I will do it!

I used to dress up all the time, I'd curl my hair and you'd never see me without heels and seamed stockings... then it got cold last winter and I was forced into jeans and layers upon layers... and I just sort of... stopped doing it. I think what's spurred me on is my gentleman friend really, who used to be a bit of a scruffy beggar! But in the past few weeks he's started watching Mad Men and started to dress really well, always in proper trousers, shirts, waistcoats and ties... and I think I got jealous.

So here we go, the before(ish) and after picture:

It's not the best I've ever worn my hair... but I'm working on it!

Here are some of my other resolutions if you're interested;

This new year, Joanie will (in theory!)

- quit her horrible job
- find more work in the field she was trained in
- eat nicer foods
- start speaking more nicely (difficult at my job!)

So I'll update you on how I'm doing tomorrow with an... unfortunate hair-related incident.

Take care! x


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