Saturday, 16 January 2010

TOPSHOP dress xx x

My dress turned up! And it's SO cute, I just had to wear it out last night. A couple of issues with it... the back is cut down in a 'v' shape, so it slips off my shoulders a bit - would I totally wreck the fabric if I taped it in place?

The other thing is, I was really worried about people spilling drinks over it because I love it so much! I had a good night out though with my fella The Dapper Man - he wore his suit and a waistcoat and tie, and there was a lot of Brylcreem going on with that look! We danced to Candyman - Christina Aguilera together and a few people reckoned we looked as if we should be in the video which is pretty darned sweet.

I think the dress is sold out now, I've never seen it in store... you can get my fantastic Union Flag bag (that The Dapper Man can't abide) at Accessorize though. It has a hidden strap, so you don't have to use it as a clutch if you don't want to!

xxx x

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