Saturday, 17 April 2010

Well Hello Sailor! x

hello sailor

It was my birthday this wednesday (photos of yummy presents to come!) so yesterday we went out, dressed as sailors of course! Hopefully I'll post some pictures of everyone else's outfits, but they're still on cameras and what have you so there aren't any yet - The Dapper Man, my lovely boyfriend for instance dressed up as Captain Haddock complete with mascara'd beard, and embroidered anchor courtesy of yours truly. My own costume was a creation made by my mother from this pattern from Wearing History which was brilliant!

This morning I've been to the (opening?) of a new vintage shop in Stourbridge, and bought a lovely £4 jumper, I need to find some proper high-waisted trousers to wear it with as it is a tad short... and The Dapper Man bought a hideous tie and a pair of braces which I love! I'll have to post a picture of him at some point!


Thursday, 8 April 2010

lazy hair

I have been playing with photoshop too much on an image that is far too small a resolution - ah well!

WHOA photoshop xx

I said I'd post a picture of my hair after I'd dyed it, so here it is! But I need to post one really when I've washed it - which I'm putting off because I really want this colour to stay in. Basically I've been trying to get back to brown, because I can't find a red that stays in and I'm really, really lazy. This colour pretty much matches my own, which is a bit unusual and a colour I haven't seen in years as I started to dye my hair when I started uni which was... a while ago! Naturally I'm a really dark brown, but it's a got a yellow tone to it rather than a red one so it appears lighter than it really is.

I've touched up my roots as well from my blonde streak which was a lot harder than I thought - I did try to put in a blonde streak in the side of my hair but it didn't take over the red dye for some reason... ah well! I'm not too bothered, as long as my roots are fine it's all good!

I have a pin up shoot scheduled for tomorrow - my second one ever... in the woods... eek!

xxx x

Friday, 2 April 2010


too much photoshop x

What's occurring? Sorry for the lack of updates, there's been a lot of stuff going on lately that's taken up my time and I've not really had the energy to pose for photos. Hopefully be posting a bit more these two weeks, I've got time off for easter!

I don't usually have my fringe forwards, it's usually in a bit of a quiff... definitely needs dying though, my cowlick has major roots and I'd like to add another streak of blonde in the side - I miss my hairdresser! But he moved away, we're going to Enchanted Burlesque together in April though, much looking forward to that!