Thursday, 11 February 2010

internet fail

I've not posted as much as I'd have liked to lately - my internet is down as well as my phoneline so I'm sitting at the boyfriend's at the moment being rather decadent and eating chocolates from a selection box (he ate my last toffee one! A travesty!)

Two new things that I'll post more about a.s.a.p!

Numero uno:

I got that job! I went to the interview yesterday, and I was really afraid that I'd fluffed it, but they phoned me later in the afternoon and offered it to me. I'm so pleased! I start March 1st and I'm really excited about it. Woo, and indeed, hoo.

Nombre deux:

I got my tattoo, I'll post pictures as soon as I can, I really love it. It's a bit scabby at the moment, and I've been reading a number of different things about the aftercare... so I'm a bit confused about it at the moment, if anyone has any advice then please comment, or email me - thanks!

I'll post as soon as my phoneline's working then, goodnight y'all!


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