Friday, 28 May 2010

20s makeup-ish

So I had a bash at some twenties makeup loosely based on Lorena's Makeup in an episode of True Blood. It's not amazing but I thought I'd post it step-by-step.

20s tutorial 01

Start off with a pale face! I use Lush's Colour Supplement in 'Light Pink' mixed with a moisturiser and Dainty Doll concealer (not sure you can get that any more!) with a dust of Too Faced's translucent pressed powder as a base. Prime your eyes with something like Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

20s tutorial 02

This is a really cheap makeup palette that I've probably had for too long - I recently dropped it and destroyed some of my favourite colours... for the next step I used these light and dark pinks.

20s tutorial 03

Use the lighter pink on the top of the eye over the browbone, and the darker pink in the crease of your eye. I also used some along the bottom lid to give me a bit of a sickly appearance.

20s tutorial 04

Line the top and bottom of your eyes with a black cream or liquid liner - I use a really fine paintbrush to do this with Clinique's Brush on Cream Liner.

20s tutorial 05

Whilst the liner is still wet, use a thicker brush to smudge it over the lid, and under the eye for a smokey look. You need to go for quite a rounded shape.

20s tutorial 06

Re-Line the eyes.

20s tutorial 07

20s eyebrows extend quite far past the natural browline, these are a little thinner than my usual forties/fifties look. I use a wet, angled brush with a dark shadow to paint mine in.

20s tutorial 08

All I did was add blush and a rosey-coloured Avon lipstick - I prefer a dark colour with this look really but it makes me look all mouth...

Ta da!

massive poser


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